Calibrated Solutions

The superior quality products and services lay the foundations for customers to test, develop, and perfect the critical manufacturing processes needed to support a host of technically sound commercial applications.

Regular maintenance is essential to extend product lifecycles by preventing the negative effects of wear and tear such as the accumulation of water vapor in a compressed air system. Technology’s Etten-Leur facility provides an array of services by a team consisting of well-trained and experienced service engineers, each of whom is certified for “Refrigerant installations Category I”.

This means that they are also capable of maintaining, repairing, and modifying other common brands and types of gas- & air treatment systems and atmospheric air dryers alongside its brands:

  • Delair® (DB-externally heated dryers / GDCA-nitrogen generators / XD-heat of compression dryers / PDH-dryers),
  • Deltech® (SMARD-refrigerant dryers / EuroDry heat regenerated dryers / MWE heated dryers)
  • Pneumatic Products® (PPC) Dryers (CHA/CDA and DHA-heatless dryers / DEA heated dryers / Cab-blower regenerated dryers / PHD-externally heated dryers) and Hankison (HHL/HHS and HHE heatless dryers / HBP-blower purge dryers / HPD-externally heated dryers).

This versatility saves you time and money. Furthermore, each maintenance contract is fully tailored to meet the specific needs and specifications of your equipment; for example, in the form of an inspection-only contract; a service contract, including periodic replacement parts; or an all-in contract that covers the complete care of your system. Technology Etten-Leur facility ensures that you can always be confident that your systems are operating at peak performance.


Delair provides all the necessary spares and components for your system. We guarantee the availability of every part of your system for at least the average lifetime of the system itself. In principle, all the components used in our brands are always in stock, and the parts for other brands can usually be delivered without any problems. 

Start-up, (pre-)commissioning and training

Delair engineers and technicians can start up your newly bought compressed air dryer and make sure the settings are custom-made to your wishes and needs. Delair is also able to train your operators to make sure the dryer is used and maintained properly, helping to maximize the lifespan of the dryer and the best possible compressed air quality. 



Delair engineers and technicians can upgrade your compressed air dryer to the current level of technology. Be it an upgrade of valves, a change of heater, or an upgrade of your control panel, Delair has the solution at hand. Together we can find the best possible solution for your situation and secure the use and reliability of your compressed air installation, for years to come.


If you need a compressed air dryer for a limited period, you can contact Delair for a rental unit. Delair has several units in our fleet that will suit your specific needs. Hoses, gaskets, reducers, and couplings come with each dryer. Our service engineers connect the rental dryers and make sure they are set to meet your needs.

Repairing leaks

Even when leaks do not present security risks, they could still incur unwanted extra costs. After all, at a pressure level of 7 bar and 4,000 operating hours, a 1 mm2-leak already costs approximately € 320 per annum. Our service engineers use ultrasonic measurement systems to check your compressed air system for leaks and will advise you on how to earn more money directly simply by repairing leaks.

Analysis of adsorption capacity

(Compressed) air dryer adsorbents are often rejected based on age. Delair has access to its modern laboratory that can accurately determine the capacity of your desiccant within 48 hours. Amongst many other things, the hardness of the desiccant is analyzed in a crush test, as this is an important parameter that reveals the potential aging of the material. Premature replacement of desiccants puts unnecessary negative pressure on your operating costs. In contrast, late replacement has undesirable consequences for the life of your filter elements, the failure sensitivity of your compressed air, and your measurement and control equipment.

Disposal of used adsorbents

The desiccants from your compressed air dryers are often contaminated with traces of oil from compressors and/or contaminants sucked in from the ambient air. This means that the used desiccants cannot be disposed of and processed as normal waste. Delair takes care of the removal and processing of used desiccants under a special, existing waste stream number and provides you with an indemnity certificate


The superior quality products and services lay the foundations for customers to test, develop and perfect the critical manufacturing processes needed to support a host of technically sound commercial applications.